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What is the difference between the industrial-grade switching power supply and the switching power supply of the light strips
- 7/21/2021 -
 Q: What is the difference between the industrial-grade switching power supply and the switching LED power supply of the light strips we usually use?
A: There is little difference in parameters, and industrial power supply performance requirements and life requirements are relatively high
Q: So the input and output look the same, but the materials and design are completely different?
A: The led power supply is a consumer product, which is more conventional
Q: Can this design meet industrial-level requirements?
A: No, if nothing else, the life span will not reach
Q: What is the standard for industrial grade?
A: Switching power supply-generally for civilian use, which is what we use now, then industrial grade, and then military grade, mainly depending on the requirements of materials, safety requirements, performance requirements, insulation requirements, etc.
Q: What is the level of this switching power supply for notebook computers?
A: As far as the temperature of our current civilian switching power supply is concerned,-under normal circumstances, the application is -20*-55° or 65°, but the industrial grade is one grade higher than it, and it can reach
To -40*-85°, the military grade may be 55*-95° so that it can only work. These are all for civilian use.
Q: Like industrial computer or other machinery and equipment, it can also be used for civilian purposes, such as a computer's switching power supply.
A: The requirements are not high, and the civilian use is not good. If you want to use it well, it is MEAN WELL power supply. It is not for advertising. The controversy and after-sales are the least.
Q: Isn't it expensive? I always think that lamps should be graded, not one size fits all, and civil engineering should be differentiated
A: Industrial-grade things are not cheap anymore. The GB standard is there.

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