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Emergency light
- 10/26/2020 -
 Emergency lights are mainly used to provide emergency lighting after the normal lighting power is cut off or the power grid loses power. They are often used in factories, mines, institutions, schools, buildings and tunnels. The emergency lighting system used in China is mainly of the independent control type with its own power supply. The normal power supply is connected to the general lighting power supply circuit, and the emergency light battery is usually charged. When the normal power supply is cut off, the backup power supply (battery) automatically supplies power
Design principle
In this design, the emergency light source can be the whole or a part of the normal light source; the normal light source and the emergency light source can be separated separately or can be made into a whole. Just slightly adjust the peripheral circuit.
The emergency control circuit is a relatively novel and unique part of this design. It is mainly composed of MT7201 chip, peripheral circuit and relay. With the external detection part, it can be designed into microwave radar detection emergency lighting, infrared detection emergency lighting, sound control, light control and other forms.
This emergency control circuit determines that the electrical layout of the new LED emergency lighting fixture designed is very different from the commonly used emergency lights. Now commonly used emergency lamps are internally composed of voltage transformation, voltage stabilization, charging, inverter, battery and other circuits, and the back end is connected to the LED driving power supply to supply the LED light source. The advantage is that both ordinary lamps and LED lamps can be used, with a wide range of applications