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Emergency downlight
- 6/4/2021 -
 LED emergency down lights are powered by emergency battery power supply. When the power is cut off, the explosion-proof lighting lamps for emergency lighting can be activated immediately, and can also be controlled by an external switchAdvantages of LED emergency Downlights
1. Anti-dazzle function is designed on the lampshade, which makes the light more soft, can reduce the visual fatigue of the eyes, and improve the work efficiency.
2, long service life, up to 100,000 hours, do not need regular maintenance.
3. The shell is made of light aluminum with good quality, dustproof and corrosion resistant properties.
4. It adopts a wide voltage design that can be applied to any national power grid in the world, with a range of 110-240V.
5, with automatic switch and manual switch emergency function, LED emergency light is divided into two kinds, one is as normal lighting in the work (also have emergency function), the other is pure lighting, usually is in the state of shutdown, it is easy to be ignored.
6, now there is also the production of an intelligent LED emergency light on the market, its power consumption is low, the light source is more high-quality, the material is more environmentally friendly and healthy, once the power failure or trip, it will automatically start, solve the trouble of sudden power failure, to avoid the hidden danger of safety.