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Emergency ceiling light with battery power backup
- 12/14/2020 -
Emergency ceiling light with battery power backup
The self-check function of the system with annual inspection and monthly inspection.
Maintained / Non-maintained, can be used for normal lighting, can also be used for emergency lighting.
IP65 protection  level.
High efficiency LED light source. The brightness reaches 100LM/W. 
Voltage protection: wide voltage input AC85V-265V.
Emergency power is 50% of the main power.
Short circuit protection and no loading protection.
External test button and three-color LED indicator:
Green:Main power;Red: Charging; Yellow: Fault.
Battery: high capacity lithium ion battery with overcharge and over discharge protection.
The battery adopts BYD balanced charging scheme keeping the performance of each cell balanced.
The patented control circuit used in emergency driver, 
which makes it faster in conversion and higher in efficiency of inversion.
The SMT technology ensures consistency of excellent performance of each product.
Fire-resistant plastic housing at the engineering level, and fire-resistant PC.