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5-20W LED Emergency Conversion driver

This Emergency Conversion Driver is used for LED fixtures, allows the same LED luminaire to be used for normal and emergency operation.automatically converts led lights into emergency lighting when the power goes off suddenly.
LED emergency driver is great for LED tube,led panel light ,LED linear lights, LED troffer lights etc.
At shopping malls, school,hospitals, and other public places, what should you do if the power goes off suddenly. This time if there is an emergency power supply installed in the LED lights, there will be no panic and confusion caused by sudden power outages.LED emergency backup battery driver is your best choice

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Product Details
Emergency Conversion driver
Input voltage:AC85-265V
Emergency power: Full 5W to 20W
Battery type: built-in 11.1V 2600mAh lithium ion batteries
Emergency duration time: 180-60 mins
Battery cycle time: 500 times
Working input: AC85-265V
Emergency output voltage: DC 230V
Charge time: 24 hours
Protection degree: IP30
Warranty: 2 years
Application: convert LED lights into emergency lighting when main power failure

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