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LED Emergency power supply
- 8/2/2020 -
 As the edge zone of lighting, emergency lighting has not received much attention. However, as the competition in general lighting continues to intensify, various subdivided areas have been continuously excavated. As the penetration rate continues to rise, the tentacles of LEDs have reached the edge of these lighting.
Emergency lighting is related to the content of fire safety to a large extent, and there are special fire protection standards, but from the perspective of general lighting, as the core of emergency lighting-emergency power supply, emergency lighting Time and battery capacity have important effects on emergency power supply.
With the continuous excavation of market segments, there are already companies that combine the LED drive power supply and the emergency power supply into one, and at the same time add the dimming function, and provide customized solutions for the system, which can be used as an ordinary LED. The driving power is used, and after the power is cut off, it can act as an emergency power supply.